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Every coin has two sides, a head and a tail. Similarly, good and evil are two sides of a coin, good cannot exist without evil.


Rama and Ravana represent two sides of the same coin. Rama represents the good, while Ravana represents the evil. The fight between Rama and Ravana conveys a very meaningful message ‘For good to triumph over evil, good must fight or else all is lost.’

Like the tale of Rama and Ravana, our history has many similar stories. Each of them emphasizes that our world is full dualities, of good and evil and as long as the world exists, these dualities will continue to exist. Even within us, duality exists. We need to look within ourselves, acknowledge both aspects of our nature – good and bad and then strive to become better human beings. We need to find our inner strength, so, the evil that resides in the world and within ourselves does not sway us onto crooked paths to achieve our goals.

May this Vijay Asthmi bring light into our lives,

May we receive wisdom and strength to do the right thing, the right way,

So evil is defeated by good and we shine brighter with our values.

Happy Dussehera!!