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I recently took a trip to a small village near my native place to seek blessings from Kula Devi. As we journey to the village, we traveled across the best and worst roads in MP. One of these kachha rastas was a never ending muddy road between green pastures. It was a beautiful sight and we were tempted to get out and walk around.

But we couldn’t!

This area was the source of inspiration for movies like Kayamat se Kayamat tak, Virasat, Shakti etc. It is well known as a home of ruthless individuals, savages, with two or more murders to their names. It is said that these individuals would send their kids to the city to studies and work, encourage them to never return while proudly boasting about their crimes.

I had no words to describe our shock and horror as our driver told us these real life horror stories.

On our way home, we experience another upsetting sight – a long line of people were waiting to see an Ojha baba that could cure all ailments and pains. We stopped and watched as this man chanted in a high pitched voice and sprinkled water of the ill. If anyone complained of pain after his healing, he coerced them into believing they were fine and then asked them to donate to build a temple. 

We asked around and learnt that this man was no spirituality leader but a government employee who had been doing this for 10 years as social service.

This trip was an eye opener. It made me ask myself many questions – what kind of world do we live? How can people behave like this? Why do we behave like civilized individuals out of India but not within India? Why do we follow blindly?

It also brought the realization that for India to grow, we need to stop following blindly and think for ourselves. I pray if prayers really work, that we Indians gain the wisdom to make the right choice.