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Don’t be scared of anything or you might find your deepest fears standing in front of you.

In this world full of engineers and doctors kaun  numbers, trigonometry, geometry etc se darta hai. I was! Mathematics terrified me. Every school exam was a trial. I couldn’t wait to finish school and get rid of this terror.

When the time came for my 10th board exams, I enlisted the help my best friend Surekha, who helped me understand all the basic concepts. The preparation and the exam went well and I thought, I would get a good score to please my parents and then I am done. Unfortunately, I scored 97 marks.

Everyone congratulated me and papa was so happy, he said that I underestimate my skills in mathematics and I should take it up as a subject.

I was shattered.

How on earth could my parents be so cruel, I thought, they knew I spent sleepless nights struggling with mathematics?

Luckily, all wasn’t lost yet.

My school had a black list of students who were to enter 11th standard. If I was on that list, my chances of getting into a good college would be affected but my parents would be disappointed.

So I prayed to god, that I wasn’t on the black list, got admission in the 11thstandard. I just forgot to mention the subject while praying.

Unfortunately, the gods were on my parent’s side.

I was amongst the few students who made it to 11th grade in the same school with the combination of PCM (Physics, Chemistry, MATHS).

I still had the power to quit and have an easy life. After all, there are many average schools who would love to take good students from good schools.


I made the most difficult decision in my life to reject the option of an average school, fulfill my parent’s dreams and study Mathematics.

I have learnt that from difficult decisions comes strength and adventure. I also have learnt 1+1 can be 3 provided you learn how to prove it. 🙂