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They never inform you before coming, but arrive when you need them the most,
They keep you waiting till you wish for them with all your heart,
They come when all your tricks are played and have no capacity left for mischief,
They make sure that you are in pure state of body and mind.

Many fear change but change can be good, it makes you feel alive.

I came to this realization when I was in college. Throughout my childhood, we had shifted from home to home every two years. This change brought excitement, new surroundings to explore and new experiences to enjoy. When I was in college, we had lived in the same home for four years without shifting and it was puzzling, I was, we were craving the excitement of our next move.

I went to mother to find out ‘when’ we would shift again. She laughed and told me, ‘When you finally find a place you love, you settle in forever. No one has had any complaints about our home and instead of moving, we will be buying the house.’

I was stunned and disappointed. No more shifting meant no more adventures. The winds of change would be gone forever.

My mum could see the disappointed and she said to me, ‘Just because we have stopped shifting the adventure is not over. Now that you kids have grown up, it is time that instead of making you a part of our adventures we give you a chance to have your own adventures. You will have peace till complete your education. Once you are done, the world will be waiting for you with open arms. The winds of change take you on an adventure and the values that we have imbibed in you will help you change directions, challenge and guide you to do what’s right.’

She was inspiring and even today, when I stand at the rift that the winds of change has brought I remember what she said to me. It helps me decide right and more right.