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As a child, Christmas used to mean a ten day break from school, a time to welcome in the New Year and an opportunity to prepare for the second terminal exams. It also meant the arrival of a special guest ‘Santa’ who brought us many wonderful gifts.

Times have changed since I was a child. This time of year may not be as enchanting as it was but it is still magical. Santa is no longer that mythical traveler from the North Pole who brings us gifts. It is our near and dear ones who make our lives wonderful during this time of year.

Despite of these changes in perception many of my childhood traditions still continue.

I still spend time with the important people in my live – my parents, my brothers, my sisters and my friends.

I still create a wish list, though the types of gifts I ask for has changed. As a child, I asked for toys, dresses, colorful pencils and sweets. As a teenager, I asked for expensive clothes and accessories and even a two wheeler. As an adult, I ask for good jobs, salary hikes, promotions, cars etc. But most of all, throughout the years, I have asked for happiness and good health for my real life Santa’ my parents, my teachers and my friends.

This Christmas I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one in my life. The time that I have spent with you cannot be replaced by any expensive gift in the world. I hope we continue to celebrated life together for many more years.

Stay Happy, Enjoy the celebrations and Good health and happiness for all.