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Movies have always fascinated me. Hindi movies in particular fascinate me because they balance the over drama of South Indian movies with an Indian version of English movie philosophy. This unusual combination successfully captures the attention of the world’s second highest populated country, despite barriers such as language, tradition, caste and geography.

A fine example of Hindi Cinema is PK. I recently watched PK and I was thrilled, the movie more than lived up to the pre-views.

Raj Kumar Hirani interestingly weaves a story of a traveler (Amir Khan) who has to deal with the quirkiness of another culture. Like the colloquial Hindi word PK (peekay), the character often seems simple minded or PK. This simple tale has been turned it into a masterpiece through the narration, the drama and the beautifully portrayed social message. It is a movie worth watching.

I would like to congratulate the whole team on their brilliant creation and performance. Only good team can produce such a brilliant movie.