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A new year has arrived and it brings with it new hope. Hope because it is a chance to fulfill the dreams and tasks that remained unaccomplished as a whole calendar year slipped by.

As I change the calendar on the wall, I do not have any grand plans to drive a brand new car but I resolve to do something new, something fresh that will impact the next twelve months.

The main goal for the new year is to appreciate life. We often forget that time is fleeting and every second and every minute wasted is life.

A new book is also on cards. A new story, new characters and a journey full of laughter.

On my 34th New Year, I wish to thank the almighty for all the happiness he bestowed on me. For all the joy, the laughter and the people he has brought into my life.

Goodbye 2014, you were a wonderful year. I look forward to an eventful year, a year full of new experiences and a year full of joy. I hope to bring happiness in as many lives as possible. After all, in one lifetime I will get to experience 2015 once.

Wish you all a very very happy new year. May all your wishes come true!

God Bless.