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All of us love drama; it adds a bit of thrill to dull routines of life.

Thrillers are one of the most popular genres. These books are full of mental games and suspense, which keeps your mind engaged and your imagination charged. You cannot put down a thriller because of the eager anticipation of what comes next.

Writing a thriller is different from reading a thriller. It is not a simple poem nor is it an informative essay. Thrillers are a work of imagination that intrigue the mind and assuage our curiosities.


Thrillers are of two types – Suspense Thrillers and Experience-based Thrillers. In ‘Suspense Thrillers’, the reader is kept guessing, the suspense is maintained. You travel with the lead character, through the ups and downs to figure out who did it. An ‘Experience based thriller’ is typically subjective. You are more involved in the flow of the story. The story is a journey to be experienced.

When writing ‘DARK WHITE’ the book and the characters consumed me. The suspense and drama affected my state of mind. I was absorbed by the subject and it was as if the story was leading me instead of me leading the story. I often ended up feeling like I wasn’t doing justice to the story or the characters for the drama of the situations far exceeded the basic level of drama we experience in life.


What I did realize is that when you write, you need to find your own space and let the story flow without worrying about structure or grammar. When you do, you will find yourself surprised by the end result.

So, to all people who write – enjoy the power of writing, because you can create beyond imagination!