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Last 40 years has seen a fight between the human mind and the men who create Brands.

There are many products and many Brands. Human brains waste time guessing which brand is the best and why is it the best. While the Brand Gods spend their time thinking how to make a space for their brand within the human mind. They also ponder on how to prevent the minds from forgeting about the brand when its time to take out the wallet and purchase. 


Branding is a science just like cooking, playing or driving. The right ingredients cooked at the right temperature creates the right dish for the right occasion, so, that the right person praises it and you.

To develop the right dish or formular, you need an alert mind, right time and, practice. Only then can the game be won.

Branding is also an art as the men who create Brands are expected to be creative. In realtity it is a combination of art and science. It takes creativity to conceive a piece of art but requires the  science of research, to gain an in-depth understanding about the subject.

The men of Branding
People who create brand are often termed as politicians. They are devils as they play with human emotions to attract consumers. They make advertisements, packs and other materials to reach to their consumer through every way. They sweeten the deal by offering freebies to entice customers to buy. However, human minds don’t realise these things are not done to trap consumers but to ensure that the benefits of the products are well known.

People and Brands
Brands inform people of the quality and features of a product. However, to inform human minds about the existence of brands, the men of branding hammer about the existence 24×7 on television channels. This causes consumers to flip the channels instead of learning more about the product and brand. 

Brands will keep making attempts to make lives better, knocking on doors and entering whichever way possible. A balance needs to be reached to ensure consumer education without causing irritation. 

Eleven years of my career in Branding, I have learnt patience is important. I am lucky to have received such a lovely exposure and so, I couldn’t help but share some of the insights into the branding process.