Veere di wedding will happen only when she accepts her Mr.Right!


We all think that it’s a chic Drama…but hello it is a not. The story is based on an urban set up, to which most of us belong. I believe Veer di wedding is surely going to be a good entertainer. well haven’t watched it yet, but I can draw a lot of parallel to my romantic thriller Mr.Right.

I have definitely seen a progressive India ever since am working, we have built our career, chosen our partners, married the guy of our choice and are moving ahead in life. Taking our own decisions comes naturally to us. Veer the wedding has empowered women and hence it becomes an entertainer, if it was set up in an environment 20 years ago it would have been a movie with some social message.

Here we are going for entertainment with the fact that we understand lifestyle of girls today. There is no need to judge them anymore. they have proved themselves enough.

The similarities I find in Veer from Veere de wedding and Nisha from Mr.Right is the fact that they both still need time to get into a marriage. It is easy to fall into any relationship but labeling it with marriage and moving ahead with responsibilities actually needs a lot of responsibility. Marriage today is not more just a one month elaborate social function for which a father spends all his life earning. It is hardly a ten-fifteen days off from work and then back to office. Evolving oneself in this new environment.

Financially and Socially the couple can become very adaptive, even with each other things look quite sorted, but what triggers fun is accepting self in a new role. This is where we writes get our ‘masaala’ from. How would the character react in a particular situation? How is the character expected to react in that situation? Where did the character fail to fulfill the expectation? What twists does the character’s behavior bring into picture? What problems are created out of those twists and how did the character come out of it?

Important of all is How would this character keep the audience hooked.

Well I am assuming Veere De Wedding is going to hook the audience from the first scene itself, mostly because it has all the girly talk which would be out in the open for those curious ones.

The Chemistry between Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha seems like a treat to watch.

In my Novel Romantic Thriller Mr.Right protagonist Nisha was dealing with these conflicts alone, wish she too had three more friends to triple the entertainment.

I am definitely looking forward to the movie Veere Di Wedding. It would be a treat to watch. Shadi movies are fun in any case, the music the sets, the expensive costumes, dance and masti hooks you till the end.

Wish you all the best team Veere Di Wedding!

Shall be sharing my review soon. 🙂