Belated Happy Easter to all my friends, keeping up the spirit of the day here I begin my blog

‘Once uprooted, it isn’t easy to find the ground.’

This fear hounds every small town parent, as their child nears the 10th grade.

My parents were no exceptions. They worried about me, my future.

I was a simple, dependent small town girl, living in a small world with small dreams. A collection of few poems defined my uncomplicated life. My journey from an introvert poet to a published author of a suspense thriller is not unusual or dramatic. It only required acknowledging that I wanted to be independent, believing I am capable of being independent and working with great determination towards my goal.

‘They say the story behind success is a series of past success;

the most important is the first one’, they are right! 

My first step, my first successful step, was summer project with HUL during my Management course. HUL rarely hired management trainees from local colleges yet I was chosen. This success inspired me, strengthened my belief that I could achieve any dream.

If I could achieve this, there is a lot more I can do!

I began to grow, to explore.  I transformed from being a girl unaware of how to navigate my own town roads to adventuring through every galli of Pune, which lead to a placement consultant to interviews with Marketing Managers, VP Marketing and CEOs of highly reputed companies in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. I achieved success in my professional life as a Marketing Executive, a Brand Manager.

On parameters of achievement, they call me successful but personally just the courage to take that first step to live a dream is success in itself. I still remember the reaction of people, when they heard that this small town MBA managed Brands. Their reaction to my success, lit a fire within me, inspired me to fulfill my dreams, even more.

And, I did!

My journey and my experiences inspired the little poet in me. I began writing a story from interesting incidents from my life such as ‘Link up’ and ‘Job Hoppers’. I wanted to give my creativity a platform to showcase its potential and with a strong self belief started on a new venture.

The result was the creation of my Suspense Thriller ‘Dark White.’

All it required was to be firm on what I wanted to be and take an extra effort to begin my day a few hours before the world would wake up and work a few hours extra after the world was fast asleep.

As I said it’s not unusual, if I can so can you!