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Our childhood days are unforgettable – the school days, the holidays, the fights with friends and the masti. They are days I will always treasure.


Growing up as one of four, friends were not really required. We four siblings – Raja, Mantri, Chor, Sipaahi, were a group of our own. This was handy especially as we moved to new homes in better neighborhoods every two or three years. Our parents wanted to provide us with the best, homes and schools. 🙂

My childhood is full of great memories that bring warm smiles of remembrance but there are a few memories that bring back terror. I remember when my youngest brother was just a little baby, not even a year old. We were living in the little house surrounded by trees on three sides and a lake on one side. We decided to take our life size doll and go on a trek. We took his water bottle, milk bottle, biscuits and toys. We just didn’t tell mom as we were sure she wouldn’t let him come on our adventure. Why should he miss out on all the fun?

We had a great day, we played and explored. We discovered interesting rocks like archeologists. After a long and exciting day, we headed home. We reached our gates, said goodbye to our friends, only to realize that we have forgotten our brother.

We raced back, terrified. What if he crawled away? What if any animal attacked him? What if someone stole him? We reached the mountain rock where we had left him but he wasn’t there. We were terrified. We slowly looked around. Thankfully, we found him happily playing with his toys just before the rock. We were so relieved and we promised ourselves we would bring him along anymore.

The next time, we headed out on an adventure, despite the terror of that day, we brought him along as he was one of us and the day wouldn’t be complete without him. We were much more careful, reminding each other of his presence.

What a day!

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